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Friday, September 01, 2006

From October 4th to 11th - Solidarity Tour in the United States

ON THE 8th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ARREST OF FIVE CUBAN ANTI-TERRORIST FIGHTERS IN THE U.S., AND THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BOMBING OF A CUBAN COMMERCIAL AIRLINER IN MID-AIR JOIN Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, James Petras, William Blum, Saul Landau, Michael Steven Smith, Michael Parenti, Leonard Weinglass, Nadine Gordimer, Wayne S. Smith, and others, in the presentation of the book Superpower Principles published by Common Courage Press.
From October 4th to 11th, Salim Lamrani will make several presentations in the U.S. Lamrani, a researcher from the Denis-Diderot University in Paris, is the editor of Superpower Principles. This book, a compilation of essays written by Zinn, Chomsky, Gordimer, Weinglass, Parenti, and others, reveals the lies told by the Bush administration to the people of the U.S. about the so-called "War on Terrorism" with relation to Cuba. Superpower Principles is a unique book that addresses the case of the Cuban Five. The case of the Cuban Five, a disquieting history censured by the U.S. media Mark your calendar: October 4th : Bluestockings, New York, featuring Leonard Weinglass and Salim LamraniOctober 5th : John Jay College, New York, featuring Rev. Luis Barrios, Rev. Lucius Walker, Leonard Weinglass and Salim Lamrani.October 6th : Massachuttes Institute of Technology, Boston, featuring Noam Chomsky, Michael Avery, President of the National Lawyers Guild, and Salim LamraniOctober 9th : Sonoma State University, Santa Rosa, CA, featuring Peter Phillips, of Project Censored and Salim LamraniOctober 10th : Black Oak Books, Berkeley, CA, featuring Michael Parenti and Salim LamraniOctober 11th: Stanford University, Stanford, CA, featuring Salim Lamrani


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